Something Bigger than Ourselves: Jive’s Year in New Features

Astronaut John Glenn, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 95, once said, “When the new becomes commonplace, people become accustomed to it. That’s a tribute to our sense of adventure.” There’s no question about Glenn’s own sense of adventure. Despite lacking a science degree and up against a 40-year-old age cutoff, Glenn was one of only seven astronauts selected to participate in Project Mercury, the United States’ first human spaceflight program. It’s in that spirit of adventure we’d like to share some of the milestones we achieved over the past year. Although we’re not exploring the far reaches of outer space, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the enterprise collaboration space.

This past year we added loads of new features and functionality to our interactive intranet and customer community solutions. In 2016 alone, we delivered three new cloud releases, a major hosted and on-prem release (Jive 9), multiple releases for our flagship mobile app, as well as a ton of new integrations. And there’s nothing common about any of these improvements.

Some of the key additions to our Six Pillars of Innovation in 2016 included:



Personal Analytics: With our community health reports, contextual analytics, sentiment analysis and more, Jive already has an analytics portfolio that is unrivaled in the industry. And with new user-centric personal analytics based on machine-learning insights, we’ve solidified our industry leadership. We’ve moved beyond simply enabling community managers to make better decisions for their communities, to empowering everyoneto be more informed about how they work and who/what they impact.



Open Search: Your company’s content resides across multiple storage locations and communities. Our new open search capabilities capture social signals across virtually every interaction in the enterprise no matter where the information resides, enabling faster, smarter access to information. When you search, results from external systems and tools (such as OneDrive or your Jive Customer Community) show up on your main Jive search page. Jive understands your work patterns, the workspaces you’re engaged in and your connections and non-connections, along with all your explicit search inputs. By juxtaposing your own social graph against the larger enterprise work graph, our search engine surfaces relevant ideas, content and experts that would have otherwise been invisible to you.


Jive Daily: Jive’s mobile app isn’t just for content consumption; it is a full-blown solution that lets employees stay productive anywhere – and that’s crucial in this new era of deskless work. We made such vast improvements to our flagship mobile app in 2016 that it now brings you closer to mobile parity with our cloud-based interactive intranet than ever before. Jive Daily offers a device-agnostic experience that allows users to search, create, edit, comment, share, browse and vote – all on the go!


Intelligent Recommender Engine: When it comes to content discovery, Jive goes beyond search to offer up valuable information even when you’re not explicitly seeking it. Our machine-learning based recommender engine surfaces the most relevant (and trending) content, connections and places within the context of whatever you’re working on in the moment: whether it’s your news stream, a document, a discussion or a project. In addition, our new intelligent profiles use pertinent content, data and information to further graph your network and build connections. By tapping into your company’s valuable corporate memory to find the news, content and people that matter most, you can work faster, smarter and more decisively.

User Interface and Experience

Visually appealing core content: We’re proud that Jive has always been recognized for its top-notch user experience. With each release, we prioritize making our interface simpler, more functional and more delightful. In 2016, we put photos and videos front and center to make it easier to communicate complex ideas and processes. Redesigned profiles are cleaner, easier to read and showcase the most relevant information at the top, while new customized tiles make for faster page viewing. Blog posts inspire the user at first glance; ideas and polls make the most popular items pop and new event categories and colors let users easily identify the events that apply to them.

Pre-Built Integrations

Extensibility with Integrations

Seamless connections: Jive delivers a central destination site that integrates across applications to bring a unified view and common experience to all of your work. That’s why a Jive Interactive Intranet isn’t simply a website, it’s a complete stack and platform-agnostic collaboration hub. In addition to our out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular collaboration, communications, productivity and line of business apps (such as Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Google Docs, WebEx and others), we’ve added new integrations for Sysomos, Bridge LMS, User Sync, Salesforce for Case Management and others. Not only that, we’ve bolstered our already robust platform support for custom integrations with improvements to add-on experiences with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and more.

The late Senator John Glenn serves as an inspiration to us all. His exploits remind us that that even seemingly impossible goals can be achieved if you have better ideas, more determination and work harder than the next person. Said Glenn, “We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.” At Jive, we couldn’t agree more; it’s why we do what we do. We’re going to continue making the new commonplace in the coming year and beyond. Happy holidays and have a productive, engaging and collaborative 2017!

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