Newly Public GoDaddy Goes for Jive-n

Organizational agility is key for any business – but especially for one at an inflection point in its corporate journey, like GoDaddy. Fresh on the heels of its IPO this spring, the world’s largest SMB technology provider was looking for a better way to foster connections and collaboration amongst its developers.

We’re pleased to announce that GoDaddy turned to Jive-n to underpin its brand new interactive intranet, which now supports more than 4,500 employees worldwide. With modern digital workspaces for project teams and more effective internal communications tools, Jive-n is helping the company drive employee engagement and strategic alignment across its globally dispersed organization.

Arne Josefsberg, GoDaddy’s CIO, said:

“These are exciting times at GoDaddy, as we are sharply focused on helping small businesses succeed around the world. Jive-n will help us support this effort and ultimately turn us into a more agile organization.”

It’s great to work with GoDaddy and other technology businesses – like Akamai, EMC, FICO, Hitachi Data Systems, Nuance, Okta, Tableau and Toshiba – that use Jive to accelerate product development, increase sales and align global employees.

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