News from JiveWorld17: Day One Recap

Day one of JiveWorld17 is underway, and what a day it is shaping up to be! Attendees were treated to a sneak peek of a few of the groundbreaking new advances Jive’s collaboration hub will deliver in the coming year.

First up on the mainstage this year was Dacher Keltner, one of the brilliant scientific minds behind the popular Pixar film “Inside Out,” who spoke about how important human connection is and how it relates to trust, safety, performance and survival from an evolutionary perspective. “We are wired to connect and collaborate,” Dacher said.

Dacher Keltner speaks at JiveWorld17

Jive Software CEO Elisa Steele delivers the opening keynote address at JiveWorld17

In her opening keynote, Jive CEO Elisa Steele talked about the ways in which the company is fulfilling its promise to enable enterprise collaboration at any scale, despite an increasingly disconnected landscape of single-purpose apps, siloed messaging tools and myriad stack solutions. “Connecting the disconnected isn’t just a tagline for Jive, it’s our mission,” she said.

Jive is delivering a platform that intelligently and contextually connects people, systems and content. “We’ve been relentless in our focus to deliver on our Next-Generation Cloud Platform and advance the science of collaboration,” Elisa said. “As a result, we’re not just enabling chance encounters in the workplace, but ensuring deterministic outcomes that strengthen go-to-market execution.”

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We’ve been relentless in our focus to deliver on our Next-Generation Cloud Platform and advance the science of collaboration.

Jive CEO Elisa Steele

Joining Elisa on stage were Jive’s executive vice president of products and engineering, Ofer Ben-David, who, along with the product team of Nick Hill, Hunter Middleton and John Schneider, shared specific technology enhancements that pave the way for universal identity, enterprise-wide search and WorkGraph™ intelligence, among other advancements. “The Jive Collaboration Hub is the only solution that provides the full set of capabilities that allow you to collaborate effectively across your organization, across your network, on any application and any content at every scale,” said Ofer.

2017 Product Roadmap keynote at JiveWorld17

Finally, Western Digital CIO, Steve Phillpott described how Jive has been instrumental in quickly and efficiently engaging the company’s global workforce during two recent high-profile acquisitions of HGST and SanDisk. Jive’s collaboration hub enabled Western Digital to link the combined companies’ numerous operational systems and make data easily accessible, while still each organization’s unique corporate memory.

In other news from day one of the industry’s premier communication and collaboration conference, Jive announced an exclusive agreement to resell TemboSocial’s Surveys, Forms & Polls Add-on with Jive’s Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions. “Our shared customers have proven again and again that collecting and analyzing information and opinions from their employees, customers and partners delivers real business value,” said Jeff Lautenbach, president of worldwide field operations at Jive. “The integration of TemboSocial’s sophisticated feedback gathering and testing products with Jive’s collaboration hub solution equips large enterprises with the tools they need to increase engagement and gain insight into their customers and employees,” he said.

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