News from JiveWorld17: Wrap-up and Jive 5

That’s it, folks! What a week. For the day by day, play by play see the JiveWorld17 Day 1 recap and Day 2 recap. As the industry’s premier conference for enterprise collaboration wound down on Wednesday, CEO Elisa Steele saved the best for last. Recognition for the five best of the best Digital Transformation Award winners that is. While the eighth Jive Digital Transformation Awards recognized twenty-five overall winners for their industry-leading innovations and leadership in workforce collaboration or customer engagement, only five were selected to receive the coveted Jive 5 award on the JiveWorld17 main stage. All of the winners excel in the collaboration space, but these five pulled out all the stops on the way to victory. Without further ado, the Jive 5 winners are:

2017 Jive 5 Award Winners:

Excellence in Employee Engagement: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Last year, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) implemented a strategic digital transformation plan in its quest to become the world leader in digital business travel, hotel and event management. This bold vision required an internal cultural shift to drive employee empowerment and accountability – all with an eye on improving the customer experience and fostering innovation. To support this process, CWT launched Jive in less than 45 days to over 19,000 users across nearly 50 countries. In just three months, the intranet had achieved 75 percent adoption and was transforming the company’s culture. Now, Jive’s consumer-grade experience fuels communications, conversation and collaboration in up to eight languages to break down organizational silos and increase employee engagement at CWT.

Culture of Collaboration: Citi

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. This requires a well-connected, engaged, productive and aligned workforce. The company’s intuitive collaboration platform empowers employees to easily connect and collaborate with peers, crowd source problems and share information. Citi recently leveraged the platform to launch an internal #BeMore campaign in order to foster continuous, collaborative learning and self-driven career development across 32,000 employees in EMEA. This program helped establish a learning culture and improved employee satisfaction around opportunities to develop, grow and take on challenging assignments and experiences.

Excellence in Clinical Collaboration: Providence St. Joseph Health

Providence St. Joseph Health operates 50 hospitals, 829 physician clinics and many other health and educational services, serving communities across seven states. The health system’s collaboration hub, called WellSpot, empowers thousands of caregivers to work better across silos. Underpinned by Jive, the solution’s mobile-optimized capabilities help improve care delivery by speeding decision-making, enhancing clinical education, reducing meeting time and capturing valuable knowledge and policies across non-employed physicians, community partners and newly affiliated organizations. By using WellSpot to facilitate NICU education online, Swedish Health Services, part of the Providence St. Joseph Health family, decreased in-class time by 60 percent, and its clinical standards committee cut monthly meetings by 75 percent.

Powering Human Connection: Trane

Trane®, a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions, and a brand of Ingersoll Rand®, uses the Jive platform to bring together a global community of energy engineers and building technicians to increase the operational and energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings. Trane services thousands of buildings every day to maximize building performance, and its new collaboration hub ensures that technicians onsite have quick mobile access to deep, technical knowledge and best practices. Since the company introduced the platform in 2016, its user base has quadrupled expectations, and Trane account managers and technicians have found 1.3 million more answers (a 1000 percent increase) to better serve their customers.

Jive for the Greater Good: U.S Department of Veterans Affairs

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the second-largest federal agency, with more than 365,000 employees working at more than 2,000 facilities nationwide. VA Pulse, the organization’s collaboration hub, empowers VA staff to better fulfill their important mission—changing the lives of veterans—by more easily connecting employees with valuable tools, resources and colleagues so they can make the best decisions right at the point of care. With over 100,000 community members to date, the intuitive solution is driving meaningful organizational change by breaking through silos and creating new opportunities for connection, collaboration and innovation across the VA. As a result, VA Pulse has helped improve both the accessibility and the quality of veteran care, identify and spread best practices across the organization, support large-scale workforce development initiatives, and drive employee engagement. For example, VA Pulse hosted a ‘Diffusion of Excellence’ competition that garnered 1,054 promising best practices in patient care, and 300 ongoing implementations of ‘gold standard’ practices at 100 facilities across the country.

There is no excuse for not communicating with the people you work with.

Captain Mark Kelly

Finally, in the conference’s closing keynote, NASA space mission commander, husband of the resilient Gabby Giffords and true American hero, Captain Mark Kelly, demonstrated that focus, dedication and persistence can help people tap into their potential to succeed in any competitive environment. He also talked about the importance of collaboration at work, giving life and death examples from his own career. “There is no excuse for not communicating with the people you work with,” he said. The captivating and inspirational talk from someone who has led teams in some of the most demanding environments imaginable was surely one of the highlights of the conference for many and the perfect ending to a nearly flawless event. He closed with a message from his wife, Gabby. “Be bold, be courageous and be your best.”

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