News from JiveWorld16: Day One

The first day keynote of JiveWorld16 in Las Vegas just wrapped and the team unveiled an exciting vision for the future of collaboration and previewed the next generation of its interactive intranet and customer communities, which will be released later this year.

Jive CEO, Elisa Steele, and EVP of Engineering, Ofer Ben-David, detailed how interactive intranet and customer communities are blurring the lines of what were once siloed work streams, and shared their vision for the future of work. Jive’s Identity Service brings people, teams and communities together in a secure business network that provides greater control over user accounts and simplifies accessibility and collaboration. This improves the overall experience for users, with a single identity that creates a lower barrier to entry and helps people communicate and collaborate more seamlessly across the business ecosystem.

In addition, Dilshad Simons, VP of Products, outlined updates to our award-winning business and healthcare solutions, including new features that help people connect, collaborate and communicate.

Tailored specifically for employee communications, marketing and healthcare professionals, the solutions’ newest enhancements include a new social media listening integration with Sysomos, a new corporate communications solution that delivers greater organizational transparency, HIPAA compliance and the new Jive Chime update for team collaboration.

Jive CEO Elisa Steele delivering the Mainstage keynote presentation to kick-off JiveWorld16
Image of JiveWorld16 key sponsors join Elisa on Mainstage for a group photo

JiveWorld16 key sponsors join Elisa on Mainstage

Jive Product Updates:

Jive provides the modern, interactive intranet:

Jive’s Employee Engagement solution nurtures positive, high-performance cultures by making two-way communication, recognition and encouragement a part of everyday work.

  • Corporate communications bundle: Simplified content publishing capabilities for rich, beautiful blogs, images and videos, auto-subscribed targeted news streams, a configurable news page and personalized email digests to draw users back into the community, as well as impact metrics for message reach and sentiment.
  • Mobile intranet enhancements: The latest update to Jive Daily encourages visual storytelling by allowing users to take or add a photo from their mobile devices and share it directly into their community. Other features added in today’s Jive Daily release include the ability to mention places and create documents.

Jive transforms customers into advocates:

Jive’s customer engagement solution fosters the relationship between a company, its customers, advocates and partners. The latest release brings a new events center, an updated browsing experience and enhanced analytics.

  • New event center: In the coming months, Jive will help make employee and customer community events even more useful and engaging through the ability to directly manage an event lifecycle from before to during and after the event. Additionally, a new event performance dashboard will show the number of attendees and their engagement at-a-glance, as well as post-event success metrics, sessions grading and much more.
  • New social listening integration with Sysomos: Brands soon will be able to route relevant conversations on social media directly in Jive-x community, increasing brand affinity. This integration delivers the ability to listen and respond to over a billion conversations online, in real-time, by enhancing social interactions and dialogue with community members, and improves customer satisfaction along with lowers call center costs.

Jive is connecting clinicians:

Recently ranked the number one healthcare collaboration software by Black Book Research, Jive for Healthcare Collaboration simplifies clinicians’ lives through a single HIPAA-compliant platform for secure care communication.

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant team messaging: We’ve developed a new hub set to connect clinicians in real-time. With Jive Chime for team collaboration, conversations are now actionable, items are easily tracked and users can set quiet hours and even connect via video.
  • Private support center for peer insights: The new support center for the healthcare collaboration solutions allows clinicians to search for, ask and answer questions from their peers, and interact with knowledge base documents. With these capabilities, healthcare providers have a simple, easy way to access pertinent information and opportunities to collaborate with leaders in their fields.

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