A Next-Gen Healthcare Communication Platform And More

The challenges facing the healthcare industry are evolving rapidly. Healthcare organizations are coping with changes in care delivery, patient expectations, clinical technology and regulations. With increased specialization and distribution of functions, care is spread across many practitioners. Emphasis on value-based care requires improved coordination to ensure efficient, cost-effective treatment.

All of these trends are driving a need for improved communication and collaboration within and across individual providers. Internal communications teams need better ways to inform, align and work with staff to ensure successful adoption of new policies and practices. Clinicians need better ways to sync up and coordinate high-quality care. Caregivers need better ways to quickly share knowledge and best practices. Organizations need better ways to onboard and educate employees. The list goes on.

Fortunately there’s a single solution that can address many of these needs. Next-gen healthcare collaboration and communication software provides a HIPAA-compliant forum for critical communications, clinical collaboration, knowledge and expertise sharing, onboarding, learning and more. With the right platform, the opportunities for communication, idea sharing and improved patient care are nearly endless.

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How Healthcare Collaboration Software Improves Communication and Patient Care

These are just a few of the ways that clinicians and organizations can use healthcare collaboration software to enhance care, improve efficiencies, engage staff and fuel innovation:

Internal Communications

Traditional communications like email or printed newsletters are too easy to miss or ignore. With next-gen healthcare collaboration software, internal communication teams can quickly publish attention-getting, personalized communications that are instantly delivered to every employee – even busy clinicians using mobile devices.

Recipients can comment and ask questions, driving up engagement and understanding, And real-time metrics show who’s reading and responding, providing the insights that communications teams need to improve their reach and impact.

Nurse Onboarding

Typical nurse onboarding provides a basic introduction to policies, administrative procedures, organizational structure and the like, but does little to help new hires get into the flow of their actual jobs.

Best-of-breed communication and collaboration platforms provide new nurses and healthcare professionals with an instant overview of the organization and immerse them in organizational culture and workflows from day one. They can find, follow and get to know colleagues—developing networks and working relationships critical to job effectiveness—and ask questions of experienced colleagues and receive on-the-job mentoring.

Knowledge and Best Practice Sharing

A huge component of any care team’s success is the collective knowledge that long-time employees use to provide quality healthcare to patients. Traditionally, there’s been no easy way  to capture and store that information in an easy-to-access form. Typically, vital know-how is invisible and often forgotten, leaving healthcare organizations suffering form “institutional amnesia.”

Modern healthcare collaboration software serves as shared memory: capturing and preserving ideas, advice, decisions, conversations and content – and making it easy to find, share and re-use. This growing knowledge repository helps reduce errors, improve care and drive better efficiencies over time.

Departmental Portals

Within healthcare organizations, individual departments often need their own digital portals to inform, support and enable their staff. In the past, creating such portals has been expensive and slow, requiring substantial IT resources. Modern healthcare communication and collaboration platforms can dramatically simplify the process, allowing users and teams to set up and launch their own secure, mobile-ready portals in minutes or hours and manage them themselves without IT support.

HIPAA-compliant portals meet the highest standards for security and privacy and provide a one-stop shop for everything department members need, from accessing key documents to Q&A functionality that provides fast answers from experts.

How Healthcare Collaboration Software Can Help You Achieve Breakthrough Results

Many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations are already using Jive’s platform to achieve unprecedented efficiencies and provide superior patient care. Customers report that Jive healthcare collaboration software has helped them align their organizations from clinical staff to top management, unleash secure high-performance collaboration within and across teams, capture and capitalize on institutional knowledge and drive new levels of employee engagement and retention.

Download our e-book, 8 Ways Healthcare Organizations Achieve Breakthrough Results With Jive, to understand the game-changing impact that modern healthcare collaboration software can have on your organization.

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