On the Move in the Same Direction: Overcoming Fears in the Mobile Workplace

Workplace mobility has untethered many of today’s employees from their desks. While most are cheering, others are facing the new realities with clenched teeth.

It’s been said that change is both inevitable and constant. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean everyone is going to embrace it. In fact, a lot of people fear change—and a few will even resist it tooth and nail. But when it comes to the current mobile revolution, the fears are often overstated, while the benefits can be abundant.

Is your company ready to push past the objections in order to reap mobile’s rewards?

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Employees are on the move. In companies that have embraced mobility, workers spend nearly half of their time away from their desks. Whether onsite or off, talent is no longer shackled to landlines or desktop computers. Modern tools such as messaging apps allow them be anywhere, anytime, on devices ranging from laptops and tablets to smartphones and, increasingly, wearables. But the speed of change has made more than a few folks uneasy.

Some managers complain they can’t properly oversee an offsite workforce, while a number of employees—the very beneficiaries of all of the newfound freedom—have their own concerns, including “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome—the belief that they’ll be passed over for raises and promotions if they’re not in the office. Companies can ease those fears by pointing to some of mobile’s many advantages, including:

  • Productivity increases of between 15% and 55%
  • 80% of employees consider telecommuting a job perk and 36% would choose it over a pay raise
  • 72% of employers say mobility “has a high impact on employee retention”
  • Nearly six in ten employers cite cost savings as a “significant benefit” of telework

Despite the upsides, adjusting to a mobile workplace will continue to be difficult for some. For those companies still listening to the naysayers, it may be time to revisit the advice of General George S. Patton: “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” Not to mention the happier workforce and improved bottom line.

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