Online Project Management with Jive!

Why use Jive software for project management?

Jive project manager, Ryan Ruark, describes below how Jive combines web-based documentation accessible from anywhere with powerful collaborative discussions.

The software provides a fantastic search tool that makes finding content and conversations incredibly simple. User profiles contain rich information about skills, experiences, and involvement.  All of these powerful tools make Jive a project manager’s best friend.  Your team can create, share, collaborate, and take action on the project in a single, unified project hub.

At Ryan’s last company, project collateral was posted in network folders, SharePoint sites, bounced back and forth in OneNote, or kept on people’s hard drives, and things were emailed so wildly and blindly that you never really knew how current or accurate any of your documentation was.

On Jive, there is no question about what is the true version because there is only one place to look for the source of truth, and you can easily look-up the version history for any document.  Being able to keep all project collateral in a single place where it can quickly and easily be created, modified and referenced, is a huge advantage.  Having all of your project discussions and collateral open and accessible to the team, e-mail lists and ‘reply-alls’ vanish because your team is connected to what’s important.

Jive content is lightweight, easy to author and modify with advanced styling as needed, and is easier to digest than 8.5″ x 11″ formatted Word documents or verbose e-mail ‘reply-all’ threads.  The content itself becomes collaborative, with the power to comment, reply, like, and mark with a structured outcome, and share.  With the introduction of Responsive Mobile Web in the Jive Fall 2014 Cloud Release, the same rich documentation and discussion content you view on desktop can be seen on our most personal computers: our smartphones.

With all of these factors in play, Jive doesn’t just connect people to content from anywhere; it connects them to each other.  The alignment and clarity teams get by using Jive enables them to work better together.

Learn more from Ryan in his full blog post on the Jive Community!

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