Plex Picks Jive…Again!

plexLogoPlex Systems has been a customer of Jive since 2012 when they launched their customer community on the Jive-x solution. We were of course thrilled that they turned to Jive when they needed an employee communications solution to help connect their global workforce. Called “Cloud City,” the recently launched Jive-n based employee collaboration hub facilitates employee communications, increases engagement, and provides a company-wide collaborative work environment.

“After seeing our Jive-powered community strengthen the relationships we have with our customers, we understood the value Jive could have for our employees,” said Chris Pesola, director of IT at Plex Systems. “We’re growing rapidly, so communications and collaboration are critical. Jive’s proven, cloud solution means we can focus on growing our business, while always having access to an innovative platform for keeping our people, our teams and our customers connected.”

Check out Plex’s Jedi-inspired “Cloud City”:


We’re excited to work with Plex Systems and other technology businesses like Akamai, EMC, FICO, Hitachi Data Systems, McAfee, Nuance, and Tableau to accelerate product development, increase sales, support complex business models, align global employees and demonstrate thought leadership.

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