From Points to Pints in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program

A few weeks ago we announced some awesome winners in the Jive Developer Program – 2013-14 Recap, Achievements and Winners 2014-15 Preview announcement.  Since then, we I’ve been hard at work putting together some ideas on how we can structure this year’s Jive developer program, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the changes.


What Are Pints & How to Earn Them

It’s simple. In addition to earning standard Jive Community points, for each contribution below you perform in the Developer community, you will also earn Pints. Pints … the official status-level point system of the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program! The following developer pint missions have already been configured and activated in the Developer Community (as of 08/05/2014):

  • Ask Questions
  • Answering Questions
  • Marking Correct / Helpful Answers on your Questions
  • Attend Developer Webinar
  • Attend JiveWorld Developer Conference
  • Developer Blogging
  • Earning Jive Developer Expertise Badges via Announcing a Smarter Way To Do Jive Developer Training, or comparable subject expertise blogging.
  • Liking Content – Liking awesome documents/blogs in the Jive Developer to help promote their visibility
  • Liked Content – Liked documents/blogs in the Jive Developer can earn the author more Pints

For more information about the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program, including:

  • Earning Bonus Pints
  • What Can I Do With Pints
  • Registering for JiveWorld14

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