Power Up Your Jive Instance and Look Good While Doing It During our Jive Developer Days

We’ve worked tirelessly here at Jive to offer a suite of products that is feature-packed, and ever-evolving to meet the needs of our customers. With all the new features that are available in Jive 8 — and the on-going refreshes available with Jive Cloud — creating and maintaining integrations needs to be flexible in order to adapt to the changes that come with each new release. To offer that extensibility in development, Jive has moved from the Plugin Framework to the Add-on/App Framework with the core principle of being able to upgrade to each feature-filled release without having your integration break. You’ve worked hard to create something amazing, the Add-on Framework ensures that it stays working amazingly.

We understand that creating and maintaining integrations in Jive needs to be flexible to the changes that come with each new release

Enter Jive Developer Days

Some of our participants at the Jive Developer Days NYC event

The Jive Developer team started a new program with a beta event in New York at Social Edge Consulting called Jive Developer Days. With the goal of allowing customers to learn in an interactive lecture about the Jive Add-on Framework, and work together in teams to hack and come up with an integration solution that is viable in a business use case, the Jive Developer team set off. With an hour of speaking and answering, the participants began with a guided coding session to create Custom View Tiles—a powerful UI/UX tool that has similar use-cases to widgets. The end result was an Add-on package that could be installed and managed in any Jive installation, enhancing capabilities with contextually relevant content from external sources, while maintaining the look and feel of their Jive community.

With the success of the first event, the Jive Developer team is heading to the west coast—Silicon Valley—to get more developers to learn how easy and cost-effective it is to harness the power of Jive for their organization while highlighting the progressive power of the different integrations with the level of investment a developer or organization is able to provide.

The event is scheduled to be held at Plex Systems’ Northern California offices on July 13, 2016 with limited seating available. The event will offer the highest quality of hands-on learning and development possible, as well as free snacks, drinks and collaboration—leave with something you can take back and install to enrich the people and places in your Interactive Intranet and/or Customer Engagement communities.

Event Details:
When: July 13th, 2016 — From 1pm, to 5pm
Where: Plex Systems, Inc – 4305 Hacienda Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Picture of the Jive Developer's Day Tour Bus Heading to the Silicon Valley

Don't miss the highest quality of hands-on learning and development possible, as well as free snacks, drinks and collaboration at the Silicon Valley Jive Developer Day

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