Ready for Generation Mobile? Rethinking Team Communication for Your Business

Blending is the new balance. Mobile is helping employees seamlessly integrate their work lives and their personal lives to create a happier—and more productive—life life.

Work happens. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen when you need it to. Waiting around for an email answer today when you needed results yesterday isn’t just frustrating, it can cause real harm to your organization. That means if you’re not moving to mobile, you’re putting your business at risk. Why? Thank Generation Mobile (Gen M).

If you haven’t noticed, employees are using a lot more innovative technologies in the office these days. Gen M might be the first generation to bring their outside lives into work on their smartphones, but employees of every generation are beginning to adopt those same solutions so they can have instant access to their work-related information no matter where they are.

One of the most desired technologies for employees is Instant Messaging.

Always on Image. Jive Chime

New mobile messaging technologies can help you get the information you need fast, while offering your team the freedom to work whenever and from wherever their lives take them, using the tools they already know and love. That means instant access to information and fast feedback from you. Is your enterprise doing everything it can to attract and retain employees who blur the lines between their personal and work lives? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

No matter when or where work happens, Jive Chime will help your company catch it. Jive Chime is a free, secure, company messaging application that helps you stay connected all the time.


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