Roll out the red carpet for your brand champions with the latest version of Jive-x

Building on the momentum from our recent Jive-n update announcement, we are thrilled to announce the latest version of our industry-leading external community solution that supercharges the customer journey, optimizes performance and cultivates passionate experts. Powered by impactful engagement campaigns, updated missions, new tiles and purposeful place templates, Jive-x delivers a fully configured experience without the need for customizations. Marketing professionals will also appreciate the immersive advocacy features that are included in this latest release.


Jive-x Turning Customers into Advocates

A new advocacy experience:

A new Advocacy Experience

Incentivize users to deepen engagement.

Right-to-Left Language Support

Connect in Arabic, Hebrew and Greek


Reward your Champions

Manage campaigns through a powerful admin console.

Jive-x Mobile App Enhancements

Community Analytics

Community Analytics

Discussion Experience

Discussion Experience

Search Functionality

Search Functionality


Some of the features in the immersive advocate environment include:

  • Meaningful engagement and rewards: With the latest release of Jive-x, organizations can deepen engagement and drive brand reach by incentivizing users through advocacy – a capability powered by game mechanics that helps identify and activate passionate customers and experts within a community and beyond.
  • New tiles and purposeful places:  Jive-x seamlessly integrates user profiles, notifications as well as landing pages and adds a host of new tiles. Administrators can also create dedicated places based on purposeful place templates where they can foster advocacy through exclusive campaigns or “quests” and curate on-going conversations in their communities.
  • Enhanced analytics dashboards:  The all-new dashboard service delivers all analytics and metrics related to user engagement in a single view, providing community managers with priceless insights on the effectiveness and growth of the community.
  • Streamlined registration flow:  New community members can participate in the conversation with the least amount of effort while the introduction of support for right to left languages extends the potential global reach of communities.
  • Omnipresent content syndication: Native content syndication allows community managers to extend the footprint of the community by directly curating and leveraging community content in a host of external systems and applications, such as blogs on corporate websites and documents with reviews through e-commerce sites.
  • Intelligent newsletter digests: Email communications now have a modern look with images and content snippets. Jive’s advanced recommender tool automatically populates unread items from news feeds and inbox to draw members back into the community.
  • Rich mobile apps experience:  Enhancements to the mobile platform include improved search, internationalization and native discussion capabilities for iOS users.
  • Advanced spam prevention: The latest release of Jive-x introduces a new spam prevention service that uses Jive’s existing anti-spam capabilities coupled with the functionality of a best-in-class anti-spam vendors, allowing administrators to keep communities even cleaner with less effort.
  • Seamless sign-on across communities: Community managers want internal colleagues to be an active part of the community; however, an additional username and password add an unwanted layer of complexity. The latest release of Jive-x also includes a mixed mode authentication that leverages internal authentication systems for external communities.

This latest release reinforces that Jive-x is THE customer engagement hub that activates these cohesive and immersive experiences whether the customer engages on a desktop or mobile device, at any time and from anywhere.

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