Social Intranet Adoption Strategies

Getting your employees to adopt a social intranet isn’t easy. It takes a good dose of change management as well as just plain human understanding. Find out what Jive expert, Virginia Ulrich, has to say about social intranet adoption and change management in this first part of a three-part blog series.

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Jumping from a web intranet to a social intranet is not easy

Virginia covers the key components of change management:

  • What is change management
  • How to successfully navigate managing change
  • What’s next in driving adoption in your online forum or community

Driving adoption calls upon us to be good (I mean, really, really good) at managing change. See, therein lies the catch: change management is more or less dealing with change for other people. It’s not just your own reaction to the change that you have to worry about. No, it’s the reactions of hundreds or thousands. In order to truly drive adoption, we have to anticipate how the people within our organizations are going to react to the change and have a plan to address those reactions.

It doesn’t matter if you are about to launch Jive or launched Jive several years ago, change management is equally relevant to preparing for launch as it is to expanding the use of Jive across your organization over time. And it really doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. We will focus on change management as the foundation from which you can successfully drive adoption, specifically these three topics:

  • The basics of change management
  • Do’s and don’ts of managing change
  • Lessons learned from our customers

The series will focus on internal community challenges (on your social intranet) though many of the points are certainly relevant to external communities as well.

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