Spotlight on Healthcare: How to Drive Positive Outcomes with a Digital Collaboration Hub

A Prescription for Streamlined Healthcare

The healthcare industry is notoriously complex, a convoluted ecosystem of patients, providers, insurers, regulatory bodies, governmental layers, political factions and more. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the accelerating pace of technological change, and fluctuating economic, political and market forces contribute additional levels of change and challenge. But while streamlining American healthcare will never be easy, there is a relatively simple way to drive positive outcomes across the healthcare system: a communication and collaboration platform like Jive.

According to the Improving Chronic Illness Care program, “Across U.S. healthcare, fragmented systems and communication breakdowns contribute to widespread failures in care coordination that have devastating consequences for patients.” These range from scheduling and billing errors that cause patient stress to life-or-death situations negatively impacted by the system’s disconnects.

Fighting Back Against Fragmentation

How can a digital collaboration hub like Jive help? By connecting clinical staff with each other. That may sound simple, but in huge systems with many locations and employees, it’s anything but. A digital collaboration hub acts as a central point for bringing people and information together, both formally and informally. It adds context to data-driven technologies like 

EHRs by enabling and documenting collaboration and conversation. It makes it easy to communicate policies and procedures and convey standardized care protocols. And it creates accountability by bringing the entire care team into one collaborative environment.

Improved communication can be particularly critical to the adoption of value-based payment models. With value-based care, payments are based on the effectiveness of care. That makes communication and collaboration a huge factor for success.

Transitions of care benefit significantly from a digital collaboration hub as well. Communication between physicians and specialists is an age-old challenge within healthcare that technology like Jive is helping to solve. With a collaboration hub, every caregiver stays on the same page. Specialists consistently receive clear reasons for a referral and adequate information on tests that have already been done, so they can provide better service to more patients, more efficiently.

Digital Hubs In Action: Practical Examples

What does this look like in practice? Jive has helped a number of healthcare organizations improve communication and collaboration with dramatic results, including:

  • The largest healthcare system in the U.S. uses a Jive-powered collaboration and communication hub to connect hundreds of thousands of employees working at nearly 2,000 facilities. They report that their hub has helped improve access to care for millions of patients while increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Another national healthcare system focuses its hub on preserving and disseminating critical knowledge. The hub played a key role in preventing “brain drain” during a recent wave of retirements.
  • A global pharmaceutical company leveraged its Jive digital hub during a series of major IT system rollouts, deflecting tens of thousands of calls to the help desk and saving $3.6 million.
  • A leading health system in the Western U.S. uses its Jive hub to onboard and mentor a large nursing staff, significantly speeding up its onboarding processes and achieving time and cost savings due to reduced need for in-person training.
  • A large geographically dispersed health system facilitates a graduate medical education program through its Jive hub, supporting continuous social learning, while advancing strategic priorities like physician engagement, leadership development and people-centered care experiences.

Better Healthcare Communications For Better Care

Jive has enabled these results at important institutions, and future healthcare organizations will continue to use digital communication and collaboration to great effect. By connecting people and systems, the healthcare industry can impact care coordination, continuity of care, quality of care, and most importantly, positive patient outcomes. That’s a goal worth working towards.

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