The Corporate Amnesia Epidemic Underscored by New Global Survey from Jive

Without Proper Collaboration Tools and Processes, Loss of Institutional Knowledge may Become Rampant, Likely Costing Companies Millions

With the current shift toward more flexible and freelance work environments and a 23 percent global employee turnover rate, businesses are more susceptible than ever to “corporate amnesia.” This affects organizations when information, knowledge and content is misplaced or lost due to the departure of employees, data overload and an increasingly distributed workforce.

The spread of corporate amnesia was measured by a new Jive Software global survey, which found that 47 percent of “global knowledge workers,” defined as employed adults who use a computer or mobile device for at least some of their work, cite corporate amnesia as a problem at their company. Meanwhile, more than half of German knowledge workers (54 percent) say corporate amnesia is a problem at their company, followed by workers in the UK (47 percent), France (44 percent) and the U.S. (42 percent).

Global Knowledge Workers Say They Spend 29 Percent of an Average Work Day Searching for Corporate Information to Do Their Job

Image of Corporaye Amnesia Global Survey Stats Covering the U.S., UK, France and Germany
The spread of corporate amnesia was measured by a new Jive survey, which found that 47% of “global knowledge workers” cite corporate amnesia as a problem

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