The Intranet Redefined: Introducing Our Latest Version of Jive-n

We are so very excited to unveil the latest release of Jive-n: Our simplified, mobile, interactive intranet.

It gives everyone in your company the best of what an intranet and enterprise social network have to offer, while turbo-charging the experience with full integrations with our purpose-built workstyle apps. This all but guarantees everyone in your company are never out of touch, out of reach or out of sync with each other — regardless of where they are. The release is a big jump in terms of innovation and puts the old intranet experience we’ve come to expect on the shelf, where it can collect dust.

What comes to mind when you think of your intranet? Perhaps you think of an intranet as:

  • “the site I go to once a year to update my benefits”
  • “the place where documents go to die”
  • “the place where I can’t find anything or anyone”
  • “the wiki/activity stream/file storage site/etc. that isn’t integrated with any other applications I use”

It’s not anymore. Now, this intranet is a vibrant, interactive experience where people have the information, people and content they need most at their fingertips. And it doesn’t take weeks or months to set up.

That’s what we call an interactive intranet.

Our main approach with the interactive intranet was to simplify and to make it a truly seamless, mobile experience. No one wants a website that is only accessed through a desktop browser. Instead, we’re delivering an intranet that lets you work the way you want. There’s something for everyone, whether you need the control and structure of traditional intranets, or whether you want to interact informally and organically as people do on social networks.

Jive-n.Jive-w Integration Graphic

We did this by doing three main things:

1. Business accelerators with templated, turnkey experiences designed for HR, IT, Sales, and Corporate Communications leaders that get up and running quickly

2. Outcome-oriented business software integrations to support business acceleration and turn your intranet into a fully integrated Hub.

3. Integrating the only suite of purpose-built mobile apps on the market to ensure everyone feels connected and empowered when they need support the most — outside the office. This includes:

  • Beautiful, engaging employee communication: Jive-n and Jive Daily combine to create a best-in-class employee communications solution. Within Jive-n, employees experience a completely redesigned news-landing page on a desktop and can seamlessly read the same content in the mobile newsreader app, Jive Daily, tailored for on-the-go workstyle.
  • The fastest way to find and connect with colleagues: The integration between Jive Circle and Jive-n displays an employee’s self-populated availability and location, dynamic org chart search capabilities via the Jive-n directory, and in the coming weeks, a meeting feature for coordinating schedules.
  • Real-time team messaging directly from Jive-n, across devices: New “Click to Chime” and “Share with Chime” capabilities within the Jive-n profile seamlessly transfer employees to the Jive Chime desktop or mobile app for quick conversations and sharing of content.

Jive-n.Jive Chime Integration Graphic

And finally, you can use nearly all of this goodness from the following devices and applications:

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Office Mail / Gmail
  • Office 365 / Google Docs
  • Dropbox / Box / SharePoint
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • … and more to come

What’s Next?

All Jive-n on cloud customers will receive the upgrade during the first two weeks of October.

Jive-n is available in multiple packages to suit the needs of varying company sizes, business cases and existing technology ecosystems, including a turnkey promotion package for growing businesses.

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