Two for Two: Jivers Unite

The number two is proving to be a special number for us Jivers in the UK. Last month marked the two-year anniversary of our Reading office opening, and now, we have another notable “2” that we are adding to our lists of achievements!


We are delighted to announce that Jive UK has been placed number two in the “Top 25 UK Companies for Compensation & Benefits by Glassdoor.

Our Reading-based team is part our fast-growing EMEA family, which also includes presence in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Russia. In fact, one employee in the Glassdoor survey highlighted the dynamic culture that exists across Jive, noting “[our] highly skilled and driven team with great team support and flexible working hours. Brilliant working environment. Excellent salary and benefits. Sense of fun.”


It’s just part of what makes working at Jive an amazing experience. In Elisa Steele’s post, “Heart Over Headquarters“, she talks about how Jive has removed headquarters mantra, and recognizes that Jivers all over the world are equally important and connected regardless of location. And of course, it helps that each of one us uses our own Jive solution (Jive-n) to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other everyday.

As our vice president and general manager of International Business, David Macmillan said it best:

“This accolade demonstrates that here at Jive, our company ethos matches our products. In the same way that we help our customers communicate and collaborate within their organizations, within our own company we continuously strive to bring the best out of our teams, so they not only produce their best work, but simply love working at Jive!”

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