UNIQA Unifies Distributed Employees with Jive

Today’s global companies know that internal communications and digital collaboration are crucial for building alignment around strategic initiatives and engaging modern workers across geographic and cultural boundaries. We’re thrilled to welcome yet another enlightened business – the UNIQA Group – to the community of organizations that are using Jive to help their employees work better together. With its new Jive Interactive Intranet, this leading European insurance company is shifting from one-way communications into rich, multi-directional interactions between its headquarters and regional offices.

An inside look at UNIQA's new Jive Interactive Intranet UNIQA Space

The cornerstone of our operations is companywide personal contact and direct collaboration amongst all employees throughout our countries and local branches. Jive will bring us a big step forward in this journey by connecting those offices, and facilitating employee engagement and change management.

Gabi Rusu, UNIQA’s head of group communication, on the impacts UNIQA's new Jive Interactive Intranet will have on the organization

UNIQA is just one of the many innovative insurance companies that already use Jive Interactive Intranets to great success—including Great American Insurance Company, Humana and Swiss Reinsurance Company. By leveraging Jive at the core of their business, these organizations are ensuring essential alignment around their strategic risk appetite, and exchanging knowledge that enhances the heavy lifting work of underwriting and claims processing.

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