Using the Simple Stream Integration Builder with (3 of 3)

Wrapping up the series, we are taking our Simple Stream Integration (SSI) to the next level and really pushing the bounds of what we can do with a simple activity in Jive before finding ourselves needing middleware. We are building on to our App that we created in Episode 2 and adding two-way communication between Jive and In many ways, we are walking away from the limitations of the dataset that first created the activity in Jive from the subscribed StatusPage webhook payload. Within the external object’s view, we have an app that we can send POST and GET requests to StatusPage to retrieve incidents related to the component ID from when the activity was generated and also add new incidents—without needing to leave Jive. To make sure the requests and tokens are kept secure and only select Jive Groups can see this additional feature, we’ll be utilizing the Jive Connects service.


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