Vegas Baby…It’s Time to Get Ready for JiveWorld17!

The next JiveWorld conference is just two short months away, and this year’s event will be better than ever! In preparation, we thought we’d share a handy reference of exciting things you should know about JiveWorld17, which is taking place this May 1-3 at the Aria in Las Vegas.

1. We’ll have several inspiring speakers. In addition to over 60 awesome customer breakout sessions and our very own Jive leaders, this year’s mainstage will feature one of the brilliant scientific minds behind the movie “Inside Out” (Dacher Keltner) and former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. These are folks who truly exemplify leadership and understand human connections.

2. We’ll celebrate YOU – our customers. That’s right, we’re collecting nominations for Jive’s Digital Transformation Awards until April 3rd, and can’t wait to see which of our many many innovative customers come out on top.

Former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly

UC Berkeley Professor and "Inside Out" collaborator Dacher Keltner

3. We’ll convene to explore the future of collaboration in government. Our first-ever Jive Federal Summit will bring together government agencies and contractors to share best practices and learn about Jive’s new FedRAMP solution.

4. We’ll talk product. Don’t miss a sneak peek of product roadmaps and the unveiling of Jive’s next-generation solutions that help you solve for fragmentation and collaboration at any scale.

5. We’ll discuss how healthcare collaboration can improve the patient experience. The Jive Healthcare Summit will cover solutions for enhancing physician collaboration across care teams, engaging patients and improving coordination across complex healthcare systems.

Race your LEGO car to victory in the Jive Derby!

6. We’ll race LEGO derby cars! What would JiveWorld be without a little fun? This year, Jive’s Hacker Lounge will feature a one-of-a-kind racing experience we’re calling the Jive Derby, where attendees will design and assemble a LEGO® race car and send it down the Jive integrated race track, loaded with data capture sensors, to see who can build the fastest derby car.

Of course, this is just to whet your appetite. There’s a whole lot more going on at JiveWorld this year, and you can check out our space in the JiveWorks community to find out more.

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