Visit Jive at the World’s Largest HR Conference in DC

SHRM16 Annual Conference and Exposition on June 19-22

Where do you go when you want to network with other HR professionals and learn about the latest innovations in the field? To the world’s largest HR conference, of course!

Jive is excited to participate in the upcoming SHRM16 Annual Conference and Exposition held on June 19-22, in Washington D.C. and share with HR professionals how Jive can help bring out the best in your workforce.

Jive will demonstrate how our Interactive Intranet helps bring out the best in your workforce at SHRM16 (booth #1007)

Jive's Interactive Intranet Solution Addresses HR's Biggest Challenges

Inside the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition

The SHRM Conference is not only the largest HR event in the world, it’s an amazing opportunity for HR professionals to gain the tools and resources needed to thrive and be successful within the workplace. With over 200 concurrent sessions running, there’s no bigger or better place to find HR solutions—we’re especially excited to listen in on the talent acquisition and retention tracks! Learn more about SHRM.

If you’re attending SHRM, make sure to visit Jive at Booth #1007 (download floormap PDF) in the SW corner of the expo hall near the Hall A entrance. Our Jive road team is eager to discuss specific HR roadblocks you might be facing—Is employee engagement an issue for you? Having trouble aligning a global team? Experiencing retention problem?—and discuss how Jive’s Interactive Intranet solution can help you overcome these obstacles.

The Jive team will demonstrate how our Interactive Intranet helps solve your HR organization’s biggest challenges:

  • Onboard new hires faster by immersing them in company culture and giving them an overview of what’s going on from day one
  • Motivate, reward and train employees by making feedback, recognition and learning a seamless part of everyday work
  • Align your workforce with more effective internal communications and company-wide dialogue that gets everyone on board
  • Improve HR support while cutting costs with great self-service and peer support that resolves issues fast while offloading HR staff

In addition, Jive will walk you through how to break down department silos, increase employee engagement, decrease turnover, foster an amazing culture of connection and much more!

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