Welcome to the Jive family, IRESS!

I am thrilled to share with you one of the latest additions to the extended Jive family. This morning we announced that financial services software company, IRESS, has chosen Jive-n to power their internal community called “The Wire.” IRESS has a great story, and is solving for many of the challenges we see across our customer base using Jive-n for internal communications and collaboration. A fast growing Australian-based company who has acquired 15 businesses since its founding, IRESS needed a way to connect its global workforce in one centralized hub for all communications, collaboration and content sharing – all while keeping employees aligned to key strategic initiatives.  Named “The Wire,” the community successfully rolled out to the company’s 1,350 employees across fourteen offices worldwide at the end of 2014.


Our entire business is focused on building innovative software and supporting it with progressive services for our customers around the world, and Jive’s enterprise communications and collaboration platform helps us further this mission by effortlessly connecting all of our employees and giving them a place to get real work done,” said Steve Barnes, COO at IRESS. “Over the years, we’ve tried several traditional intranet and document storage tools, but none of them have delivered a modern collaborative hub that’s so central to everyone’s daily work. Jive is the ideal solution to help broaden IRESS’ collaboration efforts and drive our efficiency, because it lets people work from anywhere using the tools they prefer, within a trusted and secure environment – a critical aspect of our selection.”Steve Barnes, Chief Operating Officer

To continue reading how IRESS is using Jive-n to drive internal communications and collaboration, please check out the press release.

Congratulations, IRESS, on your community launch and here’s to continued success!

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