Jive Customer Q&A: Powering Combined Collaboration at Western Digital

Western Digital has been the world’s leading provider of comprehensive storage solutions for nearly five decades. When the company needed a way to quickly and efficiently engage its 75,000 worldwide employees following last year’s acquisition of flash memory manufacturer SanDisk, they chose Jive.

By replacing multiple legacy intranets with Jive’s single collaboration hub solution, Western Digital’s employees now have easy access to data across the combined company’s operational systems and the business is retaining the unique corporate memory of each organization. The partnership has worked out so well, Western Digital has become an enthusiastic Jive supporter and will be sharing their success at JiveWorld17 next week.

Discover how Jive’s Interactive Intranet becomes the single collaboration hub for employees and Enterprises

We recently had a chance to sit down with Western Digital’s Chief Information Officer, Steve Phillpott, to find out more about how his company uses Jive and get a preview of the insights he’ll be sharing on the mainstage during the conference’s opening keynotes Tuesday morning.

Jive: Which best practices surrounding Western Digital’s employee engagement are you most proud of?

Steve: The way Jive helped us bring three large, global companies (WD, SanDisk and HGST) together quickly by helping us to communicate and deliver news on a single platform has been great. Our top-level leaders are using Jive to communicate with employees around the world in a virtual “open door” environment. Employees now have the ability to jump in and start leveraging Jive for many business use cases, stemming from project planning, to business meetings, to team event coordination. They’re learning and configuring their various Jive workspaces and truly owning their virtual space to create environments they are proud of.


Being able to take advantage of technology and embrace its benefits is critical. Companies that can see the possibilities and embrace the virtual office will rise above those that cannot adapt quickly.

Steve Phillpott, Chief Information Officer, Western Digital

Jive: How will workplace IT and mindsets need to evolve to address employees' changing needs?

Steve: Currently, a significant concern for any IT department is ransomware and how advanced and sneaky the hackers are becoming. We have built up a team of very talented individuals who spend hours keeping the company’s assets safe. Simply put, we need to stay ahead of technology so that we can stay ahead of the bad guys.

At the same time, workplace technology is moving quickly and providing tools that bring a global population into a single “virtual office.” This literally opens a world of talent, ability, knowledge, creativity and ideas! Being able to take advantage of technology and embrace its benefits is critical. Companies that can see the possibilities and embrace the “virtual office” will rise above those that cannot adapt quickly.

Jive: What are you looking forward to next week during the JiveWorld17 conference?

Steve: I’m interested in networking with experts and gaining knowledge on how others are better connecting their organization, using tools like Jive. I’m also looking forward to learning about new and upcoming Jive enhancements and features and how we can leverage these features to further engage our global population and continue to bridge gaps.

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