What Happens When You Give 600k Customers & Partners a Community?

Here at Jive, we’re all about celebrating our customers’ wins, and some of the biggest successes we’ve seen are Cisco’s customer and partner communities, all underpinned by Jive-x. In this new video, Cisco’s VP of Digital Mark Yolton shares some interesting insights into how these communities add value to the business – and to its 600,000 customers and partners – by deflecting support cases, raising customer satisfaction, engaging partners and even increasing sales.

Here are just a few of the great points Mark shares in the video:

“[Through the community] Customers are recommending upgrades to each other. They’re recommending new products, or extensions or adjacent projects. So essentially, we’re gaining higher wallet share from current customers and gaining satisfaction from those customers as well.”

“Our partners are jumping into the conversation and demonstrating their capabilities as trusted advisors to those customers.”

“We’re more efficient because we see a decrease in the case load to our technical support teams.”

Enjoy Mark’s full video here, and check out all of our other awesome videos that highlight how various companies leverage Jive-x to impact both their top and bottom line.

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