What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Harvard Business Review recently published an article written by Jive CEO Elisa Steele and Mark Bonchek, Founder and Chief Epiphany Officer of SHIFT Thinking, on how to better align organizations based on how employees think.

“…in today’s marketplace, the smartest companies aren’t those that necessarily out-produce the competition. Instead, it’s the organizations that outthink them. And while there are plenty of tools that help us quickly understand what our teammates do, it’s harder to tell how they think. Research shows that it is ultimately how teams think together that most determines their performance.

We therefore propose that just as team members today have assigned doing roles, there should also be thinking roles. By knowing how other members of your team and organization think — and by others knowing how you think — everyone can be more energized, more engaged, more creative, and more productive.”

Elisa and Mark present a three-step method, which they developed, that delivers practical and meaningful results for determining one’s workplace thinking style. To read the full article and find out what your workplace thinking style is, go to: https://hbr.org/2015/11/what-kind-of-thinker-are-you.


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