Industry: Financial Services
  • 100% adoption
  • Big jump in collaboration
  • 30% reduction in travel costs
  • Replaced multiple legacy intranets

Jive-n Social Intranet

Thomson Reuters: One Company, United by Jive-n

Intranet is “The Hub” of Company Culture

Even as Thomson Reuters grows, its employees are more connected than ever. That’s thanks to a social intranet that replaced more than a dozen legacy systems and provides a single place for all of the company’s 60,000-plus staff members to gather, share and work together. Thomson Reuters calls its Jive-n-powered intranet “The Hub” for good reason: it’s a cornerstone of company culture and a key driver of many business processes.

Jive-n made a huge impact on the way we work together… It's our central platform for everybody to communicate and collaborate.
Tim Wike
Director of Intranet Strategy and Operations