How Social Business Pays Off

Download the whitepaper to learn about the hard-dollar benefits of social business technology. A new study crunches the numbers and reveals the hard-dollar impact of using Jive.

For companies considering social collaboration technology but looking for proof of hard ROI and payback, a major new study offers compelling evidence. A leading global business consulting firm analyzed results from 100 Jive customers and found top- and bottom-line impacts that would make any CXO take notice.

On average, Jive’s social business solutions helped companies increase employee productivity by 15% and drive 2-4% incremental top-line value annually. Jive also sharply reduced employee turnover and drove major improvements in a range of business areas, including corporate strategic alignment, marketing planning and execution, sales team effectiveness and customer service.

The new study is the latest validation of benefits that Jive customers have been reporting anecdotally for years. It’s also a demonstration of what McKinsey & Company has called “the social economy,” a vast pool of latent business value waiting to be tapped by social collaboration technology. This white paper describes the findings and what they mean for enterprises.

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