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Conductor, Inc.

Conductor provides businesses with intelligence about how their customers search. Conductor is a technology company driven by a deep passion for helping marketers. With our software, marketers make smarter decisions every day, from naming their products to creating great content.

Conductor Searchlight for Jive

Advanced SEO Management for Jive Communities

Ready to take your Jive customer or partner community to the next level with a powerful SEO strategy? We’ve teamed up with industry-leading SEO provider Conductor Searchlight to offer an SEO management service that’s both affordable and highly effective. It provides the guidance and strategy you need to ensure higher search rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines, maximizing your visibility and inbound traffic.

In-depth Analysis and Strategy

Conductor Searchlight’s SEO specialists work closely with you create a successful long-term SEO and content strategy matched specifically to your community. It starts with a deep analysis of your community and customers. Using data from web and mobile search results and other sources, Conductor’s platform identifies important SEO trends, content gaps, keyword opportunities and other factors critical to improving SEO on your site. Through interviews and surveys with your team, Conductor’s experts also collect detailed information to help guide optimal content strategies, keyword research and ideas for tailoring your community to your audience.

Ongoing Guidance

Conductor Searchlight for Jive is more than a one-time engagement and includes ongoing analytics and guidance so you can continue improving SEO over time. Conductor provides best practice documents, reviews and recommendations based on your content library, and configures your Conductor platform to accurately track keyword ranking performance, growth and new SEO opportunities.

Learn more about Conductor Searchlight, and SEO Management for Jive Customer & Partner Communities: