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Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh Secure for Jive enables customer to unlock the benefits of cloud-based collaboration while leveraging DLP and encryption to meet data privacy, compliance, and governance requirements.

Skyhigh CloudDLP™ provides the only cloud-based data loss prevention and encryption solution. Skyhigh can be deployed inline or near real-time and supports several actions, including alerting, blocking, and selectively encrypting sensitive data.

Skyhigh Secure for Jive enables customers to:

•Extend existing enterprise DLP policies from Symantec and EMC RSA to data in Jive

•Perform action (such as alerting, blocking and selective encryption) to protect sensitive data

•Support BYOD and enable secure mobile-to-cloud access to Jive


Chris Cesio
Vice President, Business Development


Cupertino CA 95014 USA