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Jive Technology Partnership Application

Please complete this application for the Jive Technology Partnership team to evaluate your request.

Technology Partnerships

Certified Solutions are strategic integrated solutions developed by technology vendors that have been admitted into and completed the Jive Certification Program.  For more details, please Technology Partners > What is Jive Certified

Standard Solutions are solutions developed by technology vendors who wish to obtain access to Jive development sandboxes to facilitate integration development, interoperability testing, product customization, QA and/or other customer services.

Technical Resources

To integrate technologies into this eco-system, partners will require access to a Jive development environment to build their integrations.  Below is a list of the most common set of developer resources leveraged by Jive Developers.

Jive Developer Microsite  – For those just getting started with Jive development, check out the Getting Started and Introduction pages on our developer microsite.

Jive Developer Community – This is the primary resource for Jive developers and technical partners to get the latest details on the Jive platform and ask questions to both Jive and fellow community members.

Jive Developer Sandbox  –  A FREE public development sandbox running the latest version of Jive Cloud.  Add-ons developed on this sandbox are only visible to the developer (and Jive sandbox administrators).  While there is no partnership contract required to access the Jive Developer Sandbox, you will need to join the Jive Developer Community to gain access.

Private Developer Sandbox – Private sandboxes are available; however, there may be an associated cost depending on the types, configurations and quantity required.  Please include any relevant details in your application to expedite the review process should this be a desired option.

What’s Next

Once you submit your application, we strongly recommend you register in the Jive Developer Community to start reading up on all the platform capabilities.  Our Jive Partner team will do our best to respond with an official response in 1-5 business days, varies based on demand and activity.

Should you have any further questions about this process, you can contact the Jive Partner team at