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Externally Accessible Groups

Secure Externally Accessible Groups for Social Intranet Software

Bring all stakeholders into the conversation. With Jive’s Externally Accessible Groups, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too. Extend your reach by including partners, outside agencies, contractors and others in your Jive community, with complete security and privacy.

Now you can collaborate seamlessly with your entire extended team, including those outside the firewall, right in Jive. Jive makes it easy to create an Externally Accessible Group, invite team members in and get to work. Complete security and permissions controls let you specify who sees what, without exposing confidential information to people outside the company or outside the relationship.


Externally Accessible Groups for Jive Employee and Customer Communities

Working with partners, clients and vendors is often just as important as working with colleagues, but conventional tools make external collaboration a disjointed and frustrating process. People typically rely on a patchwork of email, meetings, phone calls, file-sharing systems and other point solutions, spending much of their time just trying to juggle information across all these channels.