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User Sync

Employee Directory Synchronization with Jive Intranet Software

Build the ultimate employee directory by importing information from external personnel systems into Jive.

Create a single, unified directory

One of the features that make Jive such a powerful collaboration and communication environment is its rich user profiles, which go way beyond the usual name, rank and contact information found in most employee directories. Jive profiles include skills, activity, endorsements, connections and more – providing detailed portraits that help coworkers get to know each other, find experts and quickly assemble effective teams. And the richer the information, the better things get.

That’s why we created Jive User Sync. User Sync automatically pulls in user data from external systems, consolidating relevant employee information in Jive to create a single, unified directory unlike anything before. User Sync not only helps you build the ultimate company directory, but it also simplifies administration and management by letting you automatically provision and de-provision accounts, build your organizational chart, and leverage existing security groups when setting up your community permissions.

How it works

Like most companies, you’ve probably accumulated employee data in a variety of directory and identity management systems. While Jive provides synchronization with your Active Directory or LDAP server as a standard feature, User Sync goes much further, letting you import data from any external system into Jive and providing a way to aggregate all key employee information in one place.

All that’s required is that you upload CSV files containing the relevant data to Jive’s SFTP server. We do the rest, automatically syncing the information with your Jive instance on a nightly basis. User Sync is available in both Basic and Advanced versions.

User Sync pulls employee data from multiple identity management and directory systems and consolidates it in Jive to create the ultimate company directory.
A simple administration interface lets you easily configure User Sync behavior and map data in your CSV files to Jive user profiles.
Simply upload CSV files containing employee data to Jive’s SFTP server. We do the rest, automatically syncing the information with your Jive instance on a nightly basis.

Jive Basic & Advanced User Sync

Jive Basic User Sync

Jive Basic User Sync provides basic sync capabilities for community managers who want to keep their employee directory current, but who don’t have a large number of profile fields or need more advanced features like org chart and security group sync. There’s no need to worry about license limits – users don’t count against your license until they’ve logged in at least once.

Secure File Transfer

Transfer a CSV file with your user data to Jive’s SFTP server on a nightly basis, and Jive Basic User Sync will automatically read your file and update your community accordingly. No VPN is required. If you are not able to produce a file in the required format, Jive Professional Services can write a process to transform your file into the expected format for a small additional fee.

Create & Update Users Nightly

Send basic user details and up to five profile fields in the CSV file, and your employee directory will automatically be kept up-to-date on a nightly basis. Users may be created as native accounts or as externally federated. Native users will have an auto-generated first-time password emailed to them in a welcome email. All profile fields are optional.

Basic user details are required, and include:

  • Primary ID. Must be permanent and unique and can be any of the following:
    • Username
    • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username
Account Activation

You can ensure that your Jive people directory is kept current simply by passing an enabled status for each user. Disabled user accounts will no longer appear in the directory or search results.

Advanced Reporting

Quickly see which records from your file had errors (and why) and get a report on the process statistics. Sync results are emailed nightly and archived for easy download within the SFTP server.

Jive Advanced User Sync

Advanced User Sync includes all the capabilities of Basic User Sync, but supports ten times as many profile fields, along with advanced features like org chart sync and security group sync.

Extended Profiles

Up to 50 profile fields may be mapped for community managers who have a more extensive collection of user data in external systems. More data means better search results and better connections across your organization.

Org Chart Sync

Simply pass the unique ID of each user’s manager and we’ll automatically build a visually rich org chart for you inside your Jive community.

Security Group Sync

If you’ve already created security groups in systems outside of Jive (such as SharePoint permission groups), the security group sync feature offers a way to push those groups and their user memberships into Jive as permission groups. Once loaded, you can use the same permission groups to control access to content and places within your Jive community.

Visit the Jive Community to view a User Sync Demo Video.

Resource Kit

Jive Interactive Intranet: Connect Your People, Knowledge and Systems

As work becomes more virtual, global and mobile, it’s becoming harder than ever for workforces to stay connected, aligned and informed. Employees spend more time just trying find people and content, and less time getting work done. Valuable knowledge is trapped in silos, leading to “corporate amnesia.”

Jive Interactive Intranet is the answer, connecting everything and everybody in a single open collaboration hub. It captures knowledge, content and expertise from across the enterprise and makes it easy to find and access, helping employees quickly discover the colleagues and information they need to know. And it provides a permanent corporate memory so nothing important gets lost. It dramatically reduces your IT burden and cuts costs, too.

In this resource kit, you’ll find:

Datasheet: Jive Interactive Intranet: The Gateway to Your People and Knowledge
Ebook: End Fragmentation With An Integrated Digital Workplace: How IT Can Unite People, Information and Systems
Analyst Report: 
Jive is a Leader in Forrester Wave Report
Case study: 
Cox Automotive Unites 24 Acquisitions with Interactive Intranet
Jive Interactive Intranet: Features and Capabilities
Medidata Connects Employees, Knowledge and Systems With Jive Intranet


Download this resource kit and learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.