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411Labs InSite for Jive

Analytics and Campaign Automation for Jive Community Managers

InSite for Jive provides you with the ability to create and save the precise analytics you and your management team need. It also provides community managers with the tools they need to communicate horizontally across their entire Jive instance, along with the ability to create and execute both direct message and email campaigns - closing the loop between data and actions.

Available for Jive-n, Jive-x

InSite for Jive is the only tool providing community managers with actionable analytics that combine data pulled from Jive APIs and the Jive Data Export Service (DES). It gives you both the static and behavioral data you need to create complex, customized Jive user segments – and then execute email and direct-message campaigns to reach those segments.

Sort and filter your Jive users, places and content based on any field available via Jive APIs or DES.

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Resource Kit

Jive Interactive Intranet: Collaboration Without Complication

Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate across disconnected systems and applications, even those provided by a single vendor. Jive integrates your technology landscape into a single engaging experience that enables fluid collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices. It not only makes your users happier and more productive – it dramatically reduces your IT burden and cuts costs, too.

In this resource kit, you’ll find:

Analyst Report: An Employee-Centric Digital Workplace: From Onboarding Through Engagement and Retention
E-book: From Fragmentation to Connection – How to Unite Your Company with an Interactive Intranet
Case study: Interactive Intranet Drives Digital Migration and Cultural Transformation at FICO
Case study: Cox Automotive Unites 24 Acquisitions with Interactive Intranet
White paper: End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
White paper: The Best Way to Evaluate Intranet and Enterprise Social Network Software

Download this resource kit and learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.


411Labs develops tools and applications for Jive community managers - to help them boost users, activity and engagement - through actionable analytics and tools to automate daily community manager tasks.

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