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TemboSocial Recognition

TemboSocial Employee Recognition for Jive Intranet Software

TemboSocial offers customers of all sizes a deeply integrated recognition program inside of Jive. The secure integration between the two companies means that customers can leverage their Jive investment to drive platform adoption while fostering employee recognition and performance.

TemboSocial Recognition can be deployed in Jive within one hour, saving untold dollars on complex and often challenging integrations. Once installed, employees can access the program using any device from any page.

Available for Jive-n

Turn recognition into a business asset

Hosting your recognition program in Jive gives employees an easy way to congratulate co-workers for a job well done, use storytelling to bring corporate values to life, and stay updated on team members’ accomplishments. Over time, TemboSocial Recognition builds a searchable public archive of the repeatable behaviors that drive employee excellence and organizational success.

Key Benefits:

  • Amplify the frequency and reach of recognition via the existing company intranet
  • Leverage the social features of Jive – view, comment, like, share, inbox notifications, post to the News and Activity Streams
  • Extend the Employee Profile with a recognition ‘social trophy case’

Key Features:

  • Send recognition to individuals or teams
  • Link recognition to company values and behaviors
  • Send recognition from any page or document inside the intranet
  • Include formal awards such as Years of Service, annual CEO Gala awards, etc.
  • Robust reporting and analytics

Resource Kit

Jive Interactive Intranet: Collaboration Without Complication

Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate across disconnected systems and applications, even those provided by a single vendor. Jive integrates your technology landscape into a single engaging experience that enables fluid collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices. It not only makes your users happier and more productive – it dramatically reduces your IT burden and cuts costs, too.

In this resource kit, you’ll find:

Analyst Report: An Employee-Centric Digital Workplace: From Onboarding Through Engagement and Retention
E-book: From Fragmentation to Connection – How to Unite Your Company with an Interactive Intranet
Case study: Interactive Intranet Drives Digital Migration and Cultural Transformation at FICO
Case study: Cox Automotive Unites 24 Acquisitions with Interactive Intranet
White paper: End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
White paper: The Best Way to Evaluate Intranet and Enterprise Social Network Software

Download this resource kit and learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.


We’re bridge builders, helping organizations make meaningful online connections with their audience. We started as PollStream, with one product: The Poll. Its success engaging large groups of people led to the development of other software tools to meet the needs of business for improved employee engagement, social recognition, two-way dialogue, sales channel, and customer experience solutions. In 2011 we changed our name to TemboSocial, to better reflect the broad spectrum of solutions we now offer. Today these products deliver significant returns for some of the world’s leading companies.

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