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Google Docs

Google Docs Integration for Jive Intranet Software

This integration provides easy access to Google Docs from Jive-n. Create Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a Jive place, and store them in Google Drive.

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Available for Jive-n
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in read-only mode, allowing Jive actions such as Like, Share, Bookmark, Mark as helpful, Apply structured outcomes, create threaded comments, and follow
  • View impact metrics of a google doc
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in editing mode supporting full Google Doc capabilities including concurrent authoring of content
  • Create Google Docs in Google Drive and have them appear in the connected Jive place
  • Create Google Docs from within Jive, and have them stored in Google Drive
  • Search for Google docs within Jive, utilizing full indexed search of document content
  • Get push notifications on new Google Docs and document changes in the connected place activity feed
  • Sync Jive comments on a Google Doc with document-level comments within Google Drive/Doc
  • Selectively enable bidirectional sync that pushes content-highlighted comments in Google Docs into the comment thread of the document in Jive

Resource Kit

Jive Interactive Intranet: Collaboration Without Complication

Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate across disconnected systems and applications, even those provided by a single vendor. Jive integrates your technology landscape into a single engaging experience that enables fluid collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices. It not only makes your users happier and more productive – it dramatically reduces your IT burden and cuts costs, too.

In this resource kit, you’ll find:

Analyst Report: Gartner: The Future of Social Software in the Workplace
E-book: From Fragmentation to Connection – How to Unite Your Company with an Interactive Intranet
Case study: Interactive Intranet Drives Digital Migration and Cultural Transformation at FICO
Case study: Cox Automotive Unites 24 Acquisitions with Interactive Intranet
White paper: End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
White paper: The Best Way to Evaluate Intranet and Enterprise Social Network Software

Download this resource kit and learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.