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Salesforce Case Management Connector

Salesforce Case Management Integration for Jive Customer Communities

Jive’s Salesforce Case Management Connector makes support case creation and management simple for customers, who can file and track cases directly from your Jive community, and for agents, who can manage the cases in Salesforce.

Available for Jive-x

Integrated Case Creation and Management for Jive Customer Communities

Your Jive-x Support Community provides a one-stop shop for information, experts and answers, quickly addressing the majority of customer issues before they become cases. And for those situations where cases do need to be created, Jive’s Salesforce Case Management Connector makes the process fast and simple – for both customers and support agents:

  • Customers can file and track cases directly from your customer community.
  • Agents can manage those cases in Salesforce and push answers back to the community with a few clicks.

Everyone stays in the environment they’re accustomed to, while interacting seamlessly to resolve cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Uninterrupted Agent Workflow

Once created, the ticket information is sent to Salesforce, where support agents can reply to users and manage the case as they normally do, without leaving their standard case management workflow.

Case Creation and Deflection

To open a ticket, users just click a button in the community and begin filling out a form describing their issue. As they type, Jive’s look-ahead search recommends relevant resources in the community such as knowledge base articles, discussions, similar resolved cases and documentation. These are often enough to resolve the issue and deflect the case. If the issue isn’t resolved, users can complete the form and file a ticket.

Case Management Dashboard

Community members can easily view agents’ replies and respond to them via a dashboard in the community, where they can track all of their open cases.

Mobile optimized

The whole experience has a mobile-ready responsive design for users on the go. Users can track, create, view and respond to cases from their mobile devices.

Easy case management for users in Jive Customer Communities

Create a new case
Easily create a new support case by simply giving it a case subject; look-ahead search recommends relevant case-deflection resources like knowledge base articles and other customer-community content.
Jive Salesforce Case Management Connector - tiles framework
Users access their cases from anywhere in your customer community by leveraging the Jive tiles framework.
salesforce case management dashboard for Jive
A case dashboard allows users to keep track of all the cases they've created.
Post a reply through Jive and that content is immediately sent to a Salesforce case.
Salesforce Case management jive integration detail view
Stay up to date on your case by viewing the case status and let a support agent know if case priorities have changed.
Salesforce Case Management in Customer Community
Work with Salesforce support agents completely within the context of Jive.

Resource Kit

Jive-x Online Communities Do It All

The most powerful online communities are multi-talented: they build brand mindshare, fuel sales and provide online support.

Jive-x communities do it all, activating and accelerating every step of the customer journey, from discovery and product research to purchasing, support and advocacy. Jive-x turns visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into champions – who convert more prospects. It’s quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and it’s helped many of the world’s top companies attract, win and retain customers like never before.

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We hope you find this collection of relevant resources helpful as you research online communities for customer support and customer engagement.