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Microsoft Outlook Integration with Jive Intranet Software

Outlook module lets users stay connected and participate in your Jive community even while working in Outlook. They can access people and information, take part in discussions and more, all from their inbox.

Jive Microsoft Outlook Integration

Extend the reach of your Jive instance by enabling users to participate and collaborate directly from Microsoft Outlook. With the Outlook module, they can turn email strings into Jive discussions, search across their inbox and the community, share files and more, without leaving Outlook.


Microsoft Outlook Integration for Jive Interactive Intranet

Get Out of Email Jail

Don’t let great ideas and conversations get trapped in your inbox. Jive’s Outlook Module integrates Microsoft Outlook with your Jive community, providing the social context and direct collaboration that email lacks.

You can stay connected to the people, conversations and content in your Jive network. You can view blog posts, profiles and activity streams. Turn email strings into threaded discussions. Post status updates. Share files, and use Jive Structured Outcomes to drive actions and follow-through. All without leaving Outlook.