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Integrations and Advanced Features

Jive Collaboration Software: Platform Integrations and Advanced Capabilities

Want to do even more with your Jive Interactive Intranet or Customer Community? Use our out-of-the-box platform integrations to connect Jive to essential apps and systems from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Box, Cisco and others. Or choose from a wide selection of advanced features in areas like team collaboration, analytics, gamification, security, performance and compliance.

InSite for Jive is a tool designed by community managers by community managers. It provides extensive, flexible and customizable Jive Analytics, plus the ability to create campaigns to communicate with customized Jive user segments via direct messages or email.
411Labs InSite for Jive
Site-wide Jive Analytics and tools to automate community manager tasks and communicate with Jive users.
Jive intranets and customer communities come with industry-leading analytics, giving you the deep insight you need to make your business even more successful.
Detailed, easy-to-read metrics and reports for community managers, business leaders and users.
Give employees and customers the freedom necessary to effectively share and collaborate, while ensuring that security isn't compromised. And you can focus on your community and its members, rather than the latest virus.
Antivirus Protection
The Jive Antivirus Module provides virus protection for Jive communities.
Start with Jive’s comprehensive collaborative capabilities. Now add Box’s enterprise-class content-sharing. Combine them seamlessly, enabling Jive users to transfer files of any size with robust security and drag-and-drop simplicity.
Box External Storage
Use Jive's Box integration to quickly and easily share and collaborate on files.
When legal, regulatory, or investigative situations require searching communications in Jive, eDiscovery delivers. eDiscovery allows administrators to search Jive for content related to specific users, and export the results for use in third-party eDiscovery management tools.
E-Discovery Software Tools
Receive full documentation of what's happened in your Jive community.
With the Jive-Egnyte integration, your employees can access and share files wherever work takes them, using any device, while taking advantage of Egnyte’s industry-leading security to protect your organization’s data.
Egnyte File Sharing
Store files in Egnyte, while sharing and commenting on them in Jive.
The Jive Events module makes it easy to socialize real-life and virtual events with your Jive community, encouraging people to join the conversation and help shape agendas, get involved and spread the word—something traditional calendar applications simply aren't designed to support.
Events Management
Jive Events gives you all the tools you need to create and manage events, including invitation and RSVP capabilities, all displayed in a platform-wide or place-specific calendar.
Advanced gamification makes it easy to create custom missions, competitions, badges and redeemable rewards to drive user participation, engagement and helpful behaviors like peer-to-peer support and brand advocacy.
Jive’s Advanced Gamification Module expands on the platform's built-in game mechanics to deliver a more personalized, highly targeted experience.
Jive makes Gmail social, connecting your Gmail inbox to the people, conversations and content in your Jive community. View profiles and access activity streams. Turn email strings into discussions. Share files. All without leaving Gmail.
Gmail Integration
Jive for Gmail integrates Gmail with your Jive community, providing the social context and connectivity that email lacks.
This integration provides easy access to Google Docs from Jive-n. Once set up, users can create Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a Jive place, and store them in Google Drive.
Google Docs Integration
Jive's integration allows you to use Google Docs within Jive-n.
The Google Drive module for Jive brings Google’s cloud-based content-sharing to Jive communities, enabling users to transfer files of any size with robust security and drag-and-drop simplicity.
Google Drive Integration
The Google Drive module for Jive brings Google’s cloud-based content-sharing to Jive communities.
Now you can collaborate seamlessly with your entire extended team, including those outside the firewall, right in Jive. Complete security and permissions controls let you specify who sees what, without exposing confidential information to people outside the company or outside the relationship.
With Jive’s Externally Accessible Groups, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too.
Ideation lets you sort and filter ideas based on their stage, popularity or date created – making it easy to identify the most promising concepts and reward the best innovators and collaborators.
Ideation Software
Channel the voices and creativity of your employees with Ideation.
Jive Anywhere is a simple browser plug-in that installs in seconds with no IT involvement and no expense. Just click Jive Anywhere to collaborate, discuss and share feedback with your team.
Jive Anywhere
Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary capability that brings content into Jive-n and Jive-x.
Go beyond surveys and guesswork. Get the real-time, data-driven insight you need to optimize your HR, Corporate Communications, IT and change management initiatives.
Jive Insights Advanced
Advanced people analytics for Jive Interactive Intranets
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