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The Jive Platform: Extensible, Scalable, Flexible

Collaboration Software & Platform for Enterprises

The Jive platform is the most powerful and feature-packed system ever created for communication and collaboration. And its core capabilities are just the start. Our open APIs and support for industry standards make it easy to add capabilities, integrate existing systems and develop awesome new apps that harness all the power of the Jive. We're second-to-none when it comes to enterprise-grade scalability and security, and we offer the gamut of deployment options to meet any business requirement.

Rest API, Jive Apps, Analytics, External Storage, Mobile, Cartridges, Activity Streams and Tiles

Jive Interactive Intranet: Collaboration Without Complication

Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate across disconnected systems and applications, even those provided by a single vendor. Jive integrates your technology landscape into a single engaging experience that enables fluid collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices.

In this resource kit, you’ll find multiple Analyst Reports, Cases Studies, & White Papers to help you learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.

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