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Delight Your Employees, and Your Support Staff

Employee Support Software - Jive Social Intranet

Simplify support and cut costs by providing employees with easy-to-use self-help and peer-based assistance on par with best-in-class online customer support. Users can quickly get the answers and information they need without having to call your help desk, saving precious staff time for the toughest cases and high priority strategic initiatives.

Social Service Desk

Spaces serve as portals where support teams can present key information to the rest of the organization and engage with employees to help solve issues. Spaces include configurable themes, page layouts, permissions and more.
Structured Outcomes
Mark blogs, discussions, documents and comments as a Decision, needing Action, Official, Correct, Helpful and more. This lets others more easily find the right information. People can also mark these outcomes within Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Google Mail and Docs.
Community Manager Reports
Ready-made reports let you quickly gauge how well your employee support portal is performing, and what you can do to make it better. Analyze the number of questions, responses and helpful and correct answers; the average time to first response and answer; and the number of times answered questions have been viewed.

Smart Search

Type-Ahead Search
Rapidly find answers that already exist. Start typing, and if the answer is out there, Jive will find it in seconds. If the same question has already been asked, just select “I have the same question.” When the question is answered, everybody who asked the question is notified.

Social Search
Find what you need, when you need it. Content is prioritized and recommended based on what’s important to you, your team and the projects you’re working on. Jive supports the OpenSearch API, too, so integrating with other repositories is a snap.

Promoted Content
Administrators can promote and raise visibility of content by associating specific search phrases with one or more links (which can be documents, links, FAQs etc.). When users search using those phrases, the corresponding results get top rankings – above all the other organic search results.

Peer Support

Peer Support Groups
Peer support groups bring together all the people who want to share information about a particular topic. Participants can ask and answer questions, post how-to documents and videos, and earn points for helping others. As hints and tips accumulate over time, they can be converted to official knowledge base entries with a few clicks.

Engagement and Rewards
Basic game mechanics are built into Jive, driving engagement with points and recognition. But we’ve gone further, offering advanced capabilities that really amp up participation and productivity. Create targeted missions, badges and rewards that encourage specific actions, like giving helpful answers, assisting other users and creating shared content. Leader boards let you tap into your employee network’s competitive spirit and acknowledge top contributors.

People Profiles
People profiles appear everywhere a person is mentioned, putting a face to a name and personalizing the Jive experience. People profiles go way beyond the usual contact and background information. They include skills, recognition, activity and endorsements that call out peoples’ strengths. People can search by expertise when trying to find authorities on a topic. Jive’s people profiles can be easily integrated with external people management systems.

Delight Employees With Speedy, Interactive Support

Jive-n enables employee service departments such as IT and HR to assist their employees far more effectively, while freeing up support staff and cutting costs.

38% increase in employee satisfaction*

Jive customers report greater job satisfaction as a result of being more engaged across the organization.

$3.6M saved in employee support costs*

Jive customers save millions in employee support costs by leveraging their employee networks.

34% less time to find knowledge, expertise and best practices*

Jive customers accelerate knowledge sharing across their organizations.