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Interactive intranet core capabilities

From smart activity streams to blogs, groups and discussions, Jive-n delivers all the capabilities you’d expect from the world’s top-rated social intranet platform. And some you might not expect. It adds up to the richest environment ever for sharing, connection, communication and collaboration.

People Profiles

Get to know your colleagues even before you meet them. Find experts and collaborators. Jive-n profiles go way beyond the usual contact information and include skills, recognition, activity and endorsements that call out peoples’ strengths and bring each employee to life. They’re easy to integrate with external people management systems, too.

Smart Search

It’s your search enterprise search engine. Find people, documents, conversations – whatever you need – with a few keystrokes. Content is prioritized and recommended based on what’s important to you, your team and the projects you’re working on. Jive-n supports the OpenSearch API, too, so integrating with other repositories is a snap.


Groups bring together all the people, resources and information needed to collaborate around a project, a team or community of practice. They’re super-simple to create using purpose-built templates for all sorts of business processes.


Got a question to ask, a decision to make or an idea to brainstorm? Discussions let you hash things out fast without the hassle of meetings, disjointed email strings and conference calls.


Collaborate and comment on rich wiki-style documents, complete with videos, images, tables and more, without clashing versions and confusing edit trails. You can work on docs, spreadsheets and slide decks wherever they’re stored, thanks to Jive-n’s integrations with external storage systems and apps such as Office 365 and Google Docs.


Blogs give executives and employees a platform to share ideas, inspire and inform – communicating with the whole company or specific groups. Add video, graphics and images to make a big splash.

Activity Streams

Activity streams show what’s happening across the organization and within specific spaces, groups and projects. People can create custom activity streams so they get just the information they need to know in ways that make sense to them.


Jive-n makes it easy to publicize and coordinate company events like all-hands meetings, trade shows and launch dates. You can send invitations, spread the word and build participation without having to send company-wide emails. Users can sign up with a click, and organizers can see who’s attending at a glance.

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