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Wall-to-Wall Insight

Intranet Engagement Analytics & Metrics

With one intranet spanning desktop and mobile systems, Jive-n gives you new visibility into processes, interactions and engagement across your business. Powerful analytics and easy-to-understand reports tell you what's working, what's not and how to improve.

Engagement Analytics

Jive-n Community Manager Reports provide all the detailed activity stats and metrics you’d expect. But we’ve gone even further with our Engagement Analytics dashboard, helping you understand organizational performance on a whole new level. Want to show your CEO exactly where employee engagement is highest, where it’s lagging and how to amp up collaboration and productivity? Now you can.

Personal Insights

Analytics shouldn’t just be for managers and administrators – everyone wants to understand their performance and impact. That’s why Jive gives every user their own analytics dashboard, so they can measure their reach, view the effect of their contributions and track their interactions in the social graph. By showing people the difference they make, Jive helps them work better – and feel better about the work they do.

Impact Metrics

Jive’s Impact Metrics let every user measure the reach, sentiment and overall impact of their communications. You can see at a glance how many people read your blog post, who viewed that all-hands announcement, the key referrers who helped spread the word and how you can improve your communications for greater effect.

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