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The Integrated Hub

Intranet Integrations Across Your Application Landscape

Jive-n bridges your IT infrastructure and shatters silos, powering fluid collaboration across your systems of record, apps and devices. Our deep integrations go beyond mere notifications, with full bi-directional functionality – so you can work in your favorite apps and tools while Jive-n keeps you and your team in sync.

Storage Apps

Jive-n allows you to transparently work with and collaborate on content in external storage systems such as Box, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and Dropbox. When you add or change the content in Jive-n, the changes are instantly reflected in those external systems, and vice-versa. Searching is integrated too, so you can easily find content wherever it lives.


Jive-n integrates with Outlook and Gmail, providing the social context and connectivity email lacks. Search across your email inbox and your Jive-n intranet at once. View people profiles and activity streams. Turn email threads into discussions, share files and more, all from your inbox.

Real-Time Communications

Make your interactive intranet even more interactive by integrating Jive-n with real-time communication apps like Cisco WebEx and Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business Online, and Google Hangouts. Just click to launch a chat, start a call or Webex session, and more – all from Jive-n.

Productivity Apps

Upload or create content in Office 365 or Google Docs, then share, comment and edit in Jive-n – even as the content continues to live in O365 or Google Docs. Capture notes in Evernote and watch them appear instantly in the Jive-n groups of your choice.

Other Systems

Jive-n integrates with Salesforce and Jira, surfacing information from those systems in Jive-n, where everyone can see, discuss and act on it. Comments made in Jive-n are displayed in Salesforce and Jive-n, too, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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