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Provide Stellar Support While Cutting Costs

Jive-x Customer Support Community Software

There's no need to compromise: now you can provide top-flight support that delights customers, deflects calls and cuts costs at the same time. Jive-x provides a unique combination of high-performance self-service and peer-to-peer assistance that resolves issues faster than ever while freeing your support staff to focus where they're really needed. It's seamlessly mobile, quick to set up and a cinch to deploy, right out of the cloud.

Totally Mobile

Your Jive-x community is wherever your users are, with a fantastic mobile experience that lets people participate and stay engaged regardless of device or location. The same goes for community managers, thanks to great mobile apps that let them moderate, administer and analyze your community on the go.

Out-of-the-Box Support Center and Case Deflection

No more scavenger hunts. Jive-x comes with a complete, ready-to-use Support Center experience that lets users find what they’re looking for in seconds, whether it’s answered questions, helpful content, knowledge base articles, experts or interest groups. Result: happier customers and fewer support cases.

Instant Insights and ROI Analytics

Track the activity in your community and reveal the sentiments, behaviors and motivations that drive satisfaction. Support dashboards and Community Health Reports provide measurable feedback on how well your community is performing, the value it’s delivering and how you can make it better.

Integrated CRM

With Jive-x’s out-of-the-box CRM integration, you can automatically or manually escalate customer issues to cases. And customers can easily view the status of their cases in the community.

Built-in SEO and Powerful Community Search

All content including user posts is automatically optimized for search engines, ensuring that your community is the go-to source for answers, information and conversation. Inside the community, Jive-x spotlight search instantly highlights the most relevant content, discussions, people and places.

Advanced Q&A

Traditional Q&A leaves users to sort their way through a pile of answers – some relevant, many not. Jive-x cuts through the noise, pushing the highest-rated answers to the top, flagging content as Official or Outdated, and identifying expert responses. Jive-x makes it easy to ask new questions, too, automatically notifying users when their queries are answered.

Captivating Content

Choose the medium that best conveys your message. Jive-x goes way beyond knowledge base docs and forums. From stunning videos and media-rich blogs to shared files, public and private groups, interactive discussions and live events, it’s the most powerful environment ever designed for community engagement.

Engagement, Rewards, Role Badges

Use compelling missions and rewards to drive desired behaviors like peer-based assistance with Jive-x’s powerful built-in game mechanics. Help community members quickly see who’s who and put information in context with role badges that identify user roles such as community administrators, moderators, experts and champions.

Moderation and Spam Prevention

Role-based administration and advanced moderation give you all the control you need. Permission and profile settings, configurable phrase monitoring and integration with industry-standard spam prevention services let you be the gatekeeper, with minimal impact on users.

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