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Deflect calls, cut costs and increase customer satisfaction. All at the same time.

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Best-In-Class Customer Support, Out of the Box

Jive-x for Customer Support takes customer support to new heights – with an out-of-the-box solution that’s remarkably easy and cost-effective to set up, deploy and maintain. Jive-x communities deflect support calls and slash costs, while delighting customers with fast answers and great experiences. Jive-x has helped our customers achieve some breathtaking results:

  • Increased call deflection by 40%
  • Reduced call escalation by 30%
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 30%
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    Better Service at Lower Cost

    Whether your goal is world-class online support or education, Jive-x customer support communities let you deliver a user experience that goes way beyond Q&A forums. It's the quickest way to deflect cases and cut costs while providing online self-service and peer-based support that really works – and that customers love.

    • Deflect calls by 40%*

      Reduce call volume by providing your customers with rapid answers on any device at any time.

    • Cut call escalation by 30%*

      Foster real dialogue – among customers and with your staff – that resolves issues on the spot and nips problems in the bud, avoiding costly escalations.

    • Increase satisfaction by 30%*

      Customers not only get the information and answers they need – they get compelling experiences and a sense of connection that wins hearts, minds and lasting loyalty.

    * Verified results from Jive customers.

    Deflect Calls Up To 40%

    Anywhere, Anytime Mobile Access

    With a great mobile web experience, customers can participate wherever they happen to be. Responsive web design ensures that they get the right information in the right format, regardless of device.

    Optimized Case Deflection

    No more scavenger hunts. Fast, focused searching delivers pinpoint answers to customer questions for fine-tuned case deflection. You can configure spotlight search results to highlight answered questions or knowledge base articles from specific areas of the community.

    Simple Navigation

    Crystal-clear navigation lets users locate the right answers, experts and interest groups in seconds. Result: happier customers and fewer support cases. Content can be delivered in a variety of formats including documents, uploaded files, video, blogs and more.

    Built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    All content including user posts is automatically optimized for search engines, ensuring that your community is the go-to source for answers, information and conversation. And watch your reach broaden as community content grows, pulling in more customers and buyers through organic search.

    Reduce Call Escalation Rates Up To 30%

    Advanced Q&A

    Community users can find relevant content in a heartbeat. Ratings identify the most helpful replies, and content can be marked as Official, Outdated and more, which in turn is used to refine search rankings. It all adds up to fast resolution, deflected calls and reduced load on your support staff.

    Instant Insights and ROI Analytics

    Advanced analytics track the activity in your community and reveal the sentiments, behaviors and motivations that drive satisfaction. And Community Health Reports provide measurable feedback on how well your community is performing, the value it's delivering and how you can make it better. With simple, easy-to-understand reports, insight is always a few clicks away.

    Increase Customer Satisfaction Up To 30%

    Real Dialogue

    A successful ecosystem thrives on dialogue, not one-way communication. Jive-x communities liberate conversation and put people at the center, not records and PDFs. The result is far better adoption and mindshare.

    Role Badges

    Badges provide a visual cue of user roles, such as community administrators, moderators, experts and champions, so members can quickly see who's who and put information and content in context.

    Advanced Gamification

    Jive-x comes with the industry’s most advanced gamification right out of the box. Drive desired behaviors with badges and tailored missions. Amp up enthusiasm with points that users can redeem in your rewards store. Grant special privileges to nurture fans and product champions.

    Easy Moderation

    Role-based administration and advanced moderation give you all the control you need. Permission and profile settings, configurable phrase monitoring and spam detection let you be the gatekeeper with minimal impact on users.

    Seamless Integration with CRM and Marketing Automation

    With Jive-x's out-of-the-box CRM integration, you can automatically or manually escalate customer issues to cases. And customers can easily view the status of their cases in the community. Integration with marketing automation systems provides instant insight that lets you tailor experiences and information to individual users.

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    See for yourself how Jive-x customer support communities can help you reduce call volume and slash costs while delighting customers with fast answers and great experiences. Fill out the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours or the next business day.

    Jive-x is quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and has helped hundreds of leading brands around the world achieve game-changing business results:

    • Increased call deflection by 40%
    • Reduced call escalation by 30%
    • Increased customer satisfaction by 30%