VEON: Major Telco Unites Workforce, Reaps 500% ROI With Jive

Fueling Digital Transformation In Telecommunications

VEON replaced 7 intranets and connected thousands of employees with Jive, driving digital transformation and saving money in the process.

In recent years, the telecom industry’s performance has been lackluster in many markets across the world. Multinational telco VEON was determined to avoid that fate, and launched a major digital transformation initiative to drive collaboration, innovation and operational synergies across geographies. At the center is a Jive Interactive Intranet. After replacing 7 regional intranets with Jive, VEON is seeing big improvements in corporate communications, employee engagement and knowledge sharing. VEON is also saving substantial money in reduced IT and HR spending. Overall, the company estimates it’s reaped a 543% return on investment.

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