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Industry: Technology
  • Six-figure savings in support costs
  • 1000s of issues resolved without tickets
  • Drives sales and satisfaction
  • Major source of new product ideas

Jive-x Customer Support Community

Tableau Software: Jive-X Community Is a Win-Win for Customers and Customer Support Team

Improving Service, Sales and Products

When it launched its Jive-x customer community, Tableau was primarily looking to improve support and reduce its caseload through peer-to-peer assistance, and the community delivered. But it went even further, fostering a thriving ecosystem that converts prospects, improves products, builds Tableau’s brand and cements customer retention and loyalty.

The community has resolved thousands of customer issues without the need to open support tickets. Customers are more engaged than ever, assisting each other, contributing great product ideas and essentially acting as an extension of the marketing team.

"We rolled Jive-x out to help customers get rapid crowdsourced assistance without relying on our support team, but it’s done so much more: it’s helped improve marketing, sales, product development and overall customer satisfaction. It’s driving immense value for our company and customers."
Dustin Smith
Community and Product Marketing Manager
Tableau Software