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People - the missing ingredient for digital transformation

A guide to the people-centric elements of successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is reshaping the way we live and work, how we buy products and services, what we expect from our daily interactions with friends and colleagues. Businesses are experiencing massive disruption as they respond and attempt to capitalize on the on-going changes.

Digital transformation is more far-reaching than just technology. If we look at how the digital market is evolving, it is very clear that people are a constant and at the heart of digital evolution. Harnessing
 the collective intelligence of employees, partners and customers is 
a critical success factor for digital transformation.

This interactive PDF guides you through what digital transformation is, the imperative to transform and how people are the missing link. It reveals initiatives and activities that push the business towards digital maturity and ten areas for you to focus on. It takes you through the key stages of digital maturity, establishing a ‘digital-first’ mindset for your employees and new ways of working internally, before building on this to transform how you work with suppliers, customers and beyond.

When you put people at the heart of digital evolution in your organization, it creates real business impact, fosters innovation and sets the platform to drive value across the enterprise.