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On Demand Webcast

Boost Marketing with Social Business

Enterprise social collaboration is firmly established as a way to reach prospects and customers, but it can also strengthen the effectiveness of marketing teams. In today’s environment, marketing teams can be widely dispersed, a situation that requires remote players to closely interact with their office-bound colleagues. Telephones, email, and electronic file-sharing form the basis of such interaction, but now, more than ever, social business technology can play a crucial role in knitting together far-flung teams.

In this webinar, Elizabeth Brigham of Jive Software will discuss the latest industry research and trends on how high-performing marketing teams are increasing revenue by getting to market ahead of competition, driving demand through knowledge sharing and reducing costs through improved cross-functional team collaboration.

Scott Vaughan, CMO of UBM TechWeb, will share best practices about how TechWeb’s Marketing and Content Services team is rapidly becoming a social-powered organization, drastically improving marketing operations and its ability to manage and deliver 250 unique marketing programs each month. He’ll detail how his company is moving from email and spreadsheets to using social business software to collaborate across multiple functions, organize and manage content, share analytics and program data, and deliver integrated, revenue-generating marketing programs, on time and on budget.